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NZ PM Jacinda Ardern is dealt major blow over vaccine passports for cops, military


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Forcing vaccine proof has been ruled not "reasonably justified" by the High Court.

Ken Macon

Mar. 1 2022

The New Zealand High Court upheld a challenge questioning the lawfulness of vaccination passports for the Defense Force and Police employees. In the decision, Justice Francis Cooke said that the mandates, which required employees to present a vaccine passport or lose their jobs, were not a “reasonably justified” violation of the Bill of Rights.

After overturning the Police and Defence order in court, a lawyer for uniformed personnel, Matthew Hague, has written to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and is giving her until Friday to remove “discriminatory” vaccine passports too.

RelatedHow vaccine passports are crushing freedom, privacy, and civil liberties

The challenge was brought to the court by a group of police and Defense Force staff. It questioned the lawfulness of an order requiring frontline workers to get vaccinated or lose their jobs.


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