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Your State of the Union Bingo Card


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Power Line

Steven Hatward

Mar. 1 2022

The real question is how quickly someone will fill up five squares in a line (15 minutes? 22 minutes?). It seems a sure thing that every square of this card will be filled in by the end.



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President Biden's State of the Union report card: Experts give their grades

Former speechwriters and communications experts for top elected officials and cabinet secretaries weighed in on Biden's first State of the Union address Tuesday evening, praising the president for his strong support of Ukraine amid Russia's multi-front invasion, but criticizing it for being lackluster and uninspiring. 

Biden's speech marked the most consequential of his lifetime as U.S. inflation soars and Eastern Europe devolves into war between Russia and Ukraine. Many members of Congress attending the speech were wearing small lapel ribbons of blue and yellow to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine

During his speech, Biden announced that his administration is banning Russian planes from American airspace in retaliation for Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, in addition to economic sanctions and other measures he has taken in recent days.

Aside from the international turmoil, Biden's speech also focused on domestic issues as inflation reached a 40-year high and gasoline prices hit their highest level in eight years. In addition, a recent Fox News Poll put Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 43%, the lowest of this presidency, and only 37% approve of his handling of the economy.:snip:

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17 Absurd Lies Biden Told During His State Of The Union Speech

In a desperate bid to console a nation reeling from crises he created, President Joe Biden delivered his first official State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

The Democrat attempted to downplay his plummeting approval by promising to do better in his second year in office but instead offered a speech riddled with falsehoods and contradictions.


While Biden’s address was supposed to breathe new life into his presidency, Americans are meanwhile plagued with rising prices, a southern border crisis, and now an overseas conflict that leaves them feeling like “the State of our union is in crisis because of Joe Biden.” Here are 17 absurd lies Biden told during his State of the Union speech.

‘Freedom Will Always Triumph Over Tyranny’

Biden opened his speech by praising the lack of Covid-19 theater in the legislative chambers and claiming that “freedom will always triumph over tyranny.”

The audacious claim comes just a few months after the president tried to force the coronavirus jab on American workers, pushed his administration to work with Big Tech to censor his political opponents, and smeared Republicans as domestic terrorists for caring about their children’s education.

Powerful Sanctions Stopped Russia

Days after Biden said U.S. sanctions against Russia weren’t expected to “prevent anything from happening” in the Ukraine conflict, the president claimed that he leveraged powerful punishments against Vladimir Putin, which stopped the Eastern European in his tracks.


“A Russian dictator, invading a foreign country, has costs around the world,” Biden said. “And I’m taking robust action to make sure the pain of our sanctions is targeted at Russia’s economy.” 

Twenty-four hours before Biden’s contradictory statement, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that the sanctions “are meant to have a deterrent impact” against Russia.

Vice President Kamala Harris, national security adviser Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and other Cabinet members also promoted sanctions as a way to stop Putin from invading Ukraine.

I’m Always Honest

Biden told Americans, “I will be honest with you, as I’ve always promised,” but The Federalist’s regularly updated lie tracker proves that claim is far from the truth.



‘The American Rescue Plan Worked'

Biden touted the American Rescue Plan as a significant boost to the economy that “helped working people and left no one behind,” but he neglected to mention it was this sudden influx of federal cash in a slowly rebounding economy that contributed to the inflation and rising prices plaguing Americans today.

Trump’s Tax Cuts Only Helped the Rich

Biden repeated the popular lie that former President Donald Trump’s tax cuts helped only the rich even though they actually increased worker earnings and opened up job opportunities across the board.:snip:

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Iowa Governor Slams Biden In Official Republican State Of The Union Response


Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds gave the official GOP response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, emphasizing that parents matter and Biden’s policies are making it difficult — and dangerous — to raise a family in America.

“We’re now one year into his presidency, and instead of moving America forward, it feels like President Biden and his party have sent us back in time—to the late 70s and early 80s,” Reynolds quipped, “When runaway inflation was hammering families, a violent crime wave was crashing on our cities, and the Soviet army was trying to redraw the world map.”:snip:

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Confused Old Man Yells at Nation for an Hour

A confused political hack from Delaware staged a one-man insurrection by invading the sacred precincts of the Capitol building, hijacking all the TV networks, and yelling that the planet would be destroyed unless we gave him all our money so he could burn it and turn it into green energy.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, who loves the sound of his voice more than his crackhead son or the bastard grandchild of a stripper, had already inflicted the second longest opening address in the history of this nation with a 2021 marathon address that killed more brain cells than meth.

Like the star of a slasher movie sequel, Biden Jr., returned to ramble through a worse sequel, but kept it down to a mere hour and two minutes of torture. The two minutes are significant because when you have to endure the Vogon poetry of word salads, non-sequiturs, mumbles, grumbles, malapropisms, and random interjections, 120 extra seconds is an eternity.

During those 3,720 seconds of  lies, fearmongering, and malapropisms, Biden took credit for defeating COVID, Putin, and the English language. While viruses and nations can’t be defeated with hot air, English never stands a chance once Biden’s mouth gets its slimy tongue on it.

With the National Guard having safely secured Washington D.C. and locked down the U.S. Capitol, there was no room for anyone to escape no matter how badly they wanted to.

Unless they refused to take a COVID test.:snip:

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Fact-Checking 10 Claims From Biden’s State of the Union Address

n his first official State of the Union speech, President Joe Biden on Tuesday night addressed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, rising inflation at home, an ongoing border crisis, and a fading COVID-19 pandemic. 

Biden, who also spoke to a joint session of Congress last April, made numerous assertions of his administration’s successes in a speech that lasted just over an hour. 

“My report is this: The state of the union is strong—because you, the American people, are strong,” Biden, who has been criticized as divisive, said at the end of his speech, adding:

We are stronger today than we were a year ago. And we will be stronger a year from now than we are today. Now is our moment to meet and overcome the challenges of our time. And we will, as one people. 

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Here’s a fact check of 10 of the president’s contentions, which came as he continues to earn low job approval ratings from Americans.

1. ‘We Were Ready’ for Putin’s Invasion

Biden addressed the biggest issue in international politics—Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unfolding invasion of Ukraine, and the response from the United States and its allies. 

“Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson—when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos,” Biden said. “They keep moving. And the costs and threats to America and the world keep rising.”

He noted that the United States is a member of the 30-nation NATO military alliance. 

“It matters. American diplomacy matters,” Biden said. “Putin’s war was premeditated and unprovoked. He rejected efforts at diplomacy. He thought the West and NATO wouldn’t respond. And, he thought he could divide us here at home. Putin was wrong. We were ready.”

How ready the Biden administration and allies were, however, is open to debate. 

Russian troops have massed on the Ukrainian border since November.  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged Biden to impose sanctions on Russia before an invasion could occur, as a preventive measure. :snip:

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Biden’s unserious State of the Union

It takes a special sort of political cynicism to publicly thank the Ukrainian ambassador for her nation’s bravery — and stress in the next moment that we will do nothing to defend her country with our military. 

But then President Biden’s State of the Union speech was nothing but bumbling hypocrisy.

Start with the fact that the mask mandate Nancy Pelosi lorded over her members for years was suddenly lifted the day before the speech, showing that “follow the science” was a bald-faced lie. Next up, Biden begging for unity, then accusing Republicans of only helping the rich.

It was quite the performance. After years of bashing Donald Trump, Biden stole his stump speech. He rebranded Build Back Better as Build a Better America, and got cheap applause for claiming he was going to get businesses to stay in the US. This after Democratic administrations have signed trade deal after trade deal that have taken industries to China and Mexico. :snip:

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A Malfunctioning Joe Biden Delivers an Incoherent Speech on a Dead Agenda

Joe Biden’s State of the Union lingered far too long, but the general theme was made clear within the first 30 minutes: This is a man with no accomplishments and he knows it.

Honestly, even as a conservative, I expected more. Biden’s speech was badly written, devoid of memorable moments, and came across as a rehash of everything he’s been saying for the last two years. The applause lines felt painfully manufactured, and the president often stumbled over his words — and that’s when he wasn’t coughing.

The first part of the speech focused on Ukraine in an obvious attempt to soften the audience with a topic most agree on. But instead of delivering that moment of unity successfully, Biden started rambling about the Iranians and pounds of Ukrainians for some reason.:snip:

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