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Biden plans hopeful address against backdrop of war, inflation, and pessimism


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The Washington Examiner

Katherine Doyle, White House Reporter

March 01, 2022

President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address will be delivered to a nation that is fractured, pessimistic, and burdened by inflation and rising costs, positioning him at the bottom of a steep climb for the hopeful economic case he plans to deliver.

Biden came into office asking to be judged based on his success passing major legislation and overcoming disunity in the country. One year in, and against the backdrop of war in Europe, the public doubts his ability to deliver on these promises.

Surging prices, inflation that has spiked to a 40-year high under the president’s watch, and a stalled domestic agenda that failed to unite Democrats and a bipartisan coalition in numbers sufficient to save it have cast doubt over his vision.

Biden’s press secretary said the president would detail plans to lower costs for people through measures the White House believes bipartisan lawmakers can get behind.

“You can certainly expect to hear him call on Congress to send bills to his desk that deliver progress on ideas that have historically been supported by Democrats and Republicans,” Jen Psaki told reporters Monday, with the push for child and eldercare programs and lowering prescription drug costs still on the table.

“Those are not done yet,” she said.


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