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A Return to Energy Realism?


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Power Line

Stevenn Hayward

Feb. 27 2022

It is increasingly obvious to everyone who isn’t an idiot (which excludes John Kerry, most of the Biden Administration, and climatistas everywhere) that our anti-fossil fuel holy war has been foolish in the extreme, and weakened the West’s geopolitical strength as well as our economic vitality. Slowly you can hear the gears grinding toward some changes. Start with France declaring two weeks ago that it will build 14 new nuclear reactors over the next decade. This is a reversal of the announcement a few years ago that France would follow Germany in phasing out its nuclear fleet. Maybe Germany will follow.

The media is starting to notice and report that some of the green energy dreams are just that—dreams. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday:

Why All Those EV-Battery ‘Breakthroughs’ You Hear About Aren’t Breaking Through


Then there’s this story on the sudden resilience of coal out of Italy:

Italy will increase the domestic production of gas and may reopen coal-fired power stations under plans to ensure energy security, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Friday.


And this from Reuters:

Geopolitical clouds gather over Europe’s climate change plans


Finally, looks like the big banks that pledged multi-millions in funding for various climate “investment” initiatives at the Glasgow climate summit are stiffing the climatistas:

Climate ETF on brink of failure months after UN summit launch




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