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Here Is Why Iran's Mullahs Are Excited About Biden's Nuclear Deal


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Gatestone Institute
  • That the ruling mullahs are asking the Biden administration for guarantees that the US will never be able to leave the new nuclear deal, even after President Joe Biden leaves office, should signal that the mullahs want this deal badly and set off all sorts of alarms.
  • It is worth noting that Iran's ballistic missile capability is one of the most critical pillars of Tehran's national security policy -- the third-most important program of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), along with Iran's nuclear program and supporting the country's foreign proxies.
  • [A] nuclear deal will be a victory for Iran's foreign militias and terror groups. The 2015 nuclear deal allowed the flow of billions of dollars into the treasury of Iranian regime, thereby providing the revenues that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) needed to escalate their military adventurism in the region. That project included financing, arming and supporting their militias and terror groups in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Gaza and Yemen. After the nuclear agreement, Iran's meddling, interventions in the region, and funding militia groups immediately escalated.
  • Iran also increased deliveries of weapons and munitions to its foreign militias, and the number of ballistic missiles deployed by Iran's proxies rose to an unprecedented level. When the JCPOA nuclear deal was scuttled in 2018, some of Iran's authorities publicly announced that they did not have money to pay their mercenaries abroad.
  • That the ruling mullahs of Iran seem to be so delighted with what the Biden team is apparently offering, that Iran even wants assurances from the administration that the US can never pull out of the deal, should blowtorch the US negotiators out of the room:snip:
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