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Bank Account Deplatforming Is Cancel Culture’s New Weapon


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Heritage Foundation

Canada’s Trudeau administration said it will punish the truckers who participated in the anti-vaccine mandate “Freedom Convoy” by freezing their bank accounts. Although the United States government isn’t yet sanctioning this practice here, bank deplatforming against those who oppose leftists is becoming more and more frequent, nonetheless.

On Feb. 14, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced in a press conference that freezing the bank accounts of Freedom Convoy participants is “about stopping the financing of these illegal blockades.” The ultimatum allowed for corporate and personal accounts to be suspended without the need for a court order.

One trucker told Fox News that his personal bank account and his trucking business account were shut down. He said he has another business that has nothing to do with trucking, politics, protests, or the Freedom Convoy, and the Canadian government shut down that account, too. It has completely cut off his ability to make a living.

Financial deplatforming, or banking censorship, will be a common lever governments and companies reach for when it comes to censorship of political opinions.


The Canadian government, especially by invoking the Emergencies Act, has ushered in a coming totalitarianism. The act, which was temporarily put into effect to crush the convoy, empowered the Canadian government, according to Business Insider, to “temporarily override civil rights, restrict travel, forbid public assembly, and force businesses to act without compensation.”

With companies acquiescing to the government’s wishes en masse, these practices are, frankly, mirroring those of China’s social credit system, and it should frighten us all—especially when this is happening in a Western country right on our border.

But the more frightening fact is that financial services censorship has been occurring in the United States, too. Unfortunately, nothing about this extremism is surprising. It’s exactly what leftists have been calling for.:snip:

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