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Proposed Canadian Law Would Penalize INTENT to Commit Online ‘Hate Speech’


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Legislation making its way through the Canadian Parliament would allow citizens to be taken to court and penalized if they are suspected of simply intending to post “hate speech” online.

The proposed law encourages Canadians to report other Canadians to the authorities for intent to post hate speech online, and allows courts to punish Canadian citizens for things they haven’t done yet.

The law was noticed by Substack VP Lulu Cheng Meservey, a citizen of Canada, who drew attention to the bill’s “alarming” aspects.

Under the proposed law, provincial courts may add penalties that they consider “desirable to secure the good conduct of the defendant,” including having the defendant wear an electronic monitoring device, confining them to their home or place of residence at set times, and prohibiting them from consuming alcohol.


I guess Trudeau is a mind reader now...

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