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Taxpayer-funded federal program trains teachers in critical race theory


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The Center Square

(The Center Square) – Newly uncovered federal grant documents show that the U.S. Department of Education has awarded roughly $2.5 million in taxpayer dollars to a Florida-based education program that trains future teachers and other professionals in, among other things, critical race theory.

The funding came through two grants, one in 2017 and another in 2021. Both grants went to faculty at Florida State University, which has partnered with Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Grant documents from the federal Institute for Education Sciences database show that the DOE awarded $1,020,800 in the first grant and $1,498,620 in the second grant. The program offers participants 1-year fellowships.:snip:

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For Those Who Want to Do a Deep Dive Ito CRT New Discourses

A Very Short History of CRT

June 22 2021

Helen Pluckrose develops the definition of "Social Justice" as it is used in the academic literature in this tradition, explains its connections to identity politics and the political correctness movement, and then shows the relevance of the original postmodernists to this Theory in some detail. She does this to elegantly describe the progression of these ideas from Theory to activism to the streets by describing how these ideas originated, evolved, and were built upon by successive generations of Theorists leading up to those who have become famous names even outside of the scholarly world today: for examples, Peggy McIntosh, Barbara Applebaum, and Robin DiAngelo. She wraps up by explaining how this newest generation of Theorists simplified the highly abstract ideas of their predecessors and made it far clearer and easier to understand so that it could, as we now see all around us, eventually go mainstream.

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And Now  The Narrative

Meet James Lindsay, the far right's "world-level expert" on CRT and "Race Marxism"

Once a "New Atheist" and Obama Democrat, Lindsay rebooted himself as the brains behind the far right's moral panic

Kathryn Joyce

February 17, 2022


Sebastian Gorka, James Lindsay and Glenn Beck (Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images/Gage Skidmore)


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