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President Biden Just Told a Monster Whopper That Both Sides Missed


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Last week President Biden asserted in rather eye-opening fashion that he "grew up in a family where the price at the pump was felt in the kitchen.” Except that President Biden didn’t grow up in a family burdened by gasoline price spikes, and not just because he’s long overstated the humble circumstances he emerged from.

Biden didn’t endure food shortages related to pricey gasoline simply because he was born in 1942. When Biden was growing up, the price of gasoline was flat. And it was cheap. Please see the charts at the bottom of this piece if you doubt me.


While gasoline is abnormally expensive now, these spikes never happened during Biden’s childhood, and as the charts make clear, they weren’t a factor for the President until he was in his early thirties, at which point he was on the verge of winning a seat in the U.S. Senate. What Biden claims about his childhood is false. Simple as that.

Too bad no one’s called him on it. And not just because politicians should have their fibs exposed. Pundits should hold Biden accountable for uttering a blatant falsehood simply because doing so would be a “teachable moment” extraordinaire.

That’s the case because there’s a very clear reason why there were never gasoline spikes during Biden’s childhood, and also why they’ve become the norm since the President entered his thirties. And no, OPEC is not the reason.:snip:

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