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O Canada, what have you done? - John Kass


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For all its blood-curdling shrieks about “authoritarianism,” the political left has always been about two things:

Force and the hammer.

It is force they employ to grab that government hammer. And it is the hammer they wield under the color of law, to impose control.

We see this now in Canada, and here in the U.S. And we’re witness to open political class war that was sparked by the pandemic, but the conflict has been building for years.

It is a class war between the wealthy establishment elite of the Zoom World, who telecommute to work  virtually, and have profound influence in government and the shaping of policy.

And the other group on the other side? They’re not wealthy and have little  government clout. But they’ve gone to work in person to do their jobs and their duty even before there were vaccines. There is no virtual reality for them. They live and work in the real world. It is the world where their hands get dirty, and their backs begin to ache.

People like the truckers of Canada, hounded by Canada’s pajama boy dictator.

Canadian Prime Minister  Justin Trudeau has shamefully imposed what amounts to martial law, and began rounding up truck drivers protesting his vax mandates, freezing the funds of their Freedom Convoy, threatening their licenses and their livelihoods.

Another such Freedom Convoy is being organized in America, headed toward Washington. Is it political? Of course it is. Everything is absolutely political now.

And some in America wonder, are we next? They can see that the left is addicted to force. They have eyes. They see the hammer in their hands.

It is all force. The force of the cancel culture to destroy the lives of those who dare dissent. And through their allies in the Biden administration, they’ve portrayed concerned American parents as domestic terrorists. Why? Because parents wanted to defend their children from state sponsored indoctrination in government (public) schools.

And you’ve seen force used by their allies in the corrupt (and dying) legacy corporate media. It is used to shame dissenters, kicking opponents to the margins of society, as the left wonders publicly, without a  whit of irony, about the rise in anger across the electorate.

They’ll find out in November.

And force used by the wealthiest and most powerful people in the history of the world, the Lords of Big Tech, who employ their algorithms to determine how we talk about what we know, and what we see. They have allied themselves with corporate media to censor and suppress dissenting views that threaten their hold on power.:snip:

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