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Presidents Day: Washington and Lincoln Call the American People to Reclaim their Rights from Government


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Front Page Magazine

With the shock and awakening of Americans that the freedoms, rights and opportunities they had taken for granted for centuries and decades have been brazenly stripped away in the last few years, this President’s Day 2022 may well be one of our most significant holidays. Presidents Day is unique among American holidays in providing the opportunity to remember and appreciate why George Washington and Abraham Lincoln—whose birthdays fall in February—were the two greatest U.S. presidents. 

While Washington was the founding father of the United States becoming the first President in 1789 after final success in the War of Independence, Lincoln would save the nation from division and collapse—bringing an end to the Civil War and the scourge of slavery as the sixteenth President in 1865.  In short, Lincoln saved the republic that Washington made possible.  And two remarkable men they were, whose wisdom, judgment and foresight are timeless and more relevant today than they were in their times.       

In both Washington and Lincoln we are confronted with flawed men who made mistakes, but whose remarkable qualities of character were so formidable that they became part of the essence of what we call “American exceptionalism.”  It’s particularly notable that both presidents readily admitted that it was not their own abilities that made the difference but rather their faith, trust and reliance on God that gave them their strength and opened the way for ultimate success. 

What is particularly striking for people today is that both Washington and Lincoln agreed that America’s greatest threat to its sovereignty as a Constitutional Republic would not come from a military threat from a foreign power. Rather America’s downfall would come from within.

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