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Report: Drunk Democrat Ruins Tween Slumber Party, Denies Everything


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Washington Free Beacon

'It really was as bad as it sounds. She went from zonked out to attacking kids.'

Andrew Stiles

February 18, 2022

A Valentine's Day slumber party for tween girls ended in tears last week after a former journalist turned Democratic candidate for Congress showed up, got drunk, and verbally abused the children before vomiting in a laundry basket.

NonDoc reports that Abby Broyles, who is running to represent Oklahoma's Fifth Congressional District, was invited to the Feb. 11 sleepover by the host, whose daughter was among the eight girls in attendance. Broyles was reportedly drinking wine and was initially pleasant before she suddenly lashed out at the children for no apparent reason:

(Family Friendly Site, so I won't post the report)


Sarah Matthews, a mother of one of the girls who attended the party, tagged Broyles's campaign account in a Twitter thread posted on Wednesday.

"Since it's been five days and you have neglected to reach out to any of the young ladies (12 & 13 yr olds, including my daughter) you verbally and emotionally abused last weekend, I thought I would give you a chance to try to apologize (at a minimum) here," Matthews wrote.

"Your vile, cruel, and bigoted behavior should not be excused or ‘swept under the rug,'" she continued. "Not only did you scare and traumatize these beautiful girls with your words, you ruined a pair of their shoes with your vomit! (Which she saved up to buy with her own money!) Considering how much you bragged about how ‘rich and successful' you are to these children, surely you can afford to replace her shoes!"


The Democrat eventually clarified that she was not accusing the tween girls of launching a politically motivated smear campaign, but suggested "their moms" were acting nefariously. A former local news reporter and lawyer, Broyles threatened to sue the outlet for reporting the claims but repeatedly declined to provide any evidence to verify her whereabouts on the night of the party. "If I were a journalist I would not be doing a story, because it's not a story," she said.


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