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Elite Capture by Peter Schweizer


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Gatestone Institute
  • [Elite capture] is a crucial tool of [China's] success. The idea is simple enough: by tempting another country's elite with money, access and favors, you move them to see their interests and China's interests as intertwined or even the same.
  • [Each] of the individuals we discuss would deny their role in helping China gain access to American capital markets, American military and surveillance technology, or American policy making. Each will say they are merely pursuing business opportunities that the Chinese market has offered them, as any goods capitalist should. They may argue the companies they run are truly international...
  • Ray Dalio, who wrote in his 2017 book, which bears the title Principles, of his "personal hero," Wang Qishan. "Every time I speak with Wang," Dalio swooned, "I feel like I get closer to cracking the unifying code that unlocks the laws of the universe." Wang is the second most powerful man in the Chinese Communist Party and known as Xi's enforcer. The Economist called him "the most feared man in China." But not to Dalio. Readers learn, on the very next page of that book that at the same time Dalio was trying to start a new hedge fund in China.
  • Nor are they all as obsequious about it as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Almost everything [Apple] sells is manufactured in China, and the iPhone has more than 23 percent of the market for phones in China. Apple has repeatedly been accused of benefiting from the forced labor of Chinese Uyghurs, which the company denies.
  • As the muckraker and novelist Upton Sinclair wrote, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.":snip:
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