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CDC quietly lowers early childhood speech standards


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The Post Millennial

Since children are no longer able reach these previously attainable milestones, they have been lowered.

Hannah Nightingale

February 18, 2022

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has quietly changed their standards for early childhood development, as the effects of pandemic policies on children’s development, from speech to reading to other basics, becomes increasingly more apparent

Earlier this month, the CDC announced that new checklist ages for its important milestone lists were added. These new ages added were 15 and 30 months.

The update banner at the top of the page points those interested in the updates to the developmental milestones to a Pediatrics article outlining the research conducted that resulted in the change.


Before, the milestone guidelines said that at 24 months, or two years of age, a child should be able to say more than 50 words. This milestone has been pushed back to 30 months.

One Twitter user by the name of Karen Vaites, who has spoken out before regarding masking and how this affects children development in learning and speech, noted that the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, or ASHA, still says that speaking less than 50 words by the age of two is cause for concern.


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