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Steven Haward

Feb. 18 2022

I saw today my first ever $6.99 a gallon gasoline at a filling station on a major highway here in Krazifornia, as opposed to some exotic and remote location like Gorda near Big Sur. Where do I order some of those “I did that!” Biden stickers?

No sooner do I write this morning about the “San Francisco Earthquake” than I spot this article by LA Times reporter Mark Barabak:


From liberal San Francisco, school board recall is a three-alarm warning for Democrats

San Francisco is quite familiar with earthquakes, and what happened Tuesday — the ouster of three extreme lefties from the Board of Education— was not one of those. Earthquakes are sudden and unexpected. The result of Tuesday’s recall was neither.

What happened Tuesday was more a foreshock, a warning — as if Democrats needed any more of those — that November’s midterm elections could be very bad indeed, as parents unsettled by two years of pandemic-related upheaval vent their frustrations at the polls.

Barabak is a decent reporter in the ordinary sense, but he is a leftist, as I learned when we were on a panel together several years ago and argued sharply. So when he is telling progressives they are in trouble. . .

Chaser, from Politico:


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