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Dear God, no Hillary Clinton is the definition of insanity


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NY Post

No, no, no, no, no. Dear God, no.

Hillary Clinton is seriously mulling a run in 2024. There’s simply no other way to interpret her speech at Thursday’s New York State Democratic Party Convention.

Like the Tracy Flick she is, Clinton could barely make it through name-checking Gov. Hochul before eagerly leapfrogging into national politics.

Apologies to Tracy Flick. At least she knew how to win an election.

Not enough that Hillary carpet-bagged her way into a New York State Senate seat, itself a pretext for her first failed presidential run.

Nope, Hillary had to use New York’s pandemic-era suffering as her excuse for addressing everything and anything but New York’s continued struggle for survival.

“We have faced these challenges here in New York,” Hillary began, “at a time when the nation is deeply and dangerously divided.”:snip:

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