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Doomsday Climate Studies Turn Out To Be Overblown Nonsense


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For over a decade, scientists have warned that the acidification of ocean water could decimate fish populations. Acidification changed fish behavior, several studies found, making them less likely to evade predators.

As carbon emissions pushed pH levels higher and higher, climate advocates sounded an apocalyptic tone. Fewer fish would mean fewer fisheries, which would imperil the livelihoods of millions of fishermen across the globe. It could also mean fewer medicines, many of which are derived from marine life.


According to a new paper in a top-ranked biology journal, these concerns are vastly overblown.

The paper, published in PLOS Biology on Feb. 3, reviewed 91 studies of the effect of ocean acidification on fish behavior. It found that better-quality studies tended to find smaller effects on fish behavior—and that the studies with the most dramatic results tended to have low sample size, making them less statistically reliable.

Those lower-quality studies are nonetheless "published in high-impact journals and have a disproportionate influence," the authors said. "We contend that ocean acidification has a negligible direct impact on fish behavior.":snip:

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Al Gore predicts victory in climate crisis, praises Inslee, Super Bowl ads


(The Center Square) – Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee was joined by former Vice President Al Gore and current White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy at a “Climate Action Now!” virtual town hall.

The trio advocated for more action at all levels of government in combatting climate change caused by an increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases in Earth’s atmosphere, mostly from fossil fuel emissions.

“This is a very pivotal moment in our arc of our history in our state against climate change, because we are very close to passing some absolutely necessary legislation to reach our climate goals,” Inslee said during the late Wednesday afternoon/early evening event. He warned that time is running out to deal with the negative effects of warming temperatures.:snip:

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