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Democrat Takeover Of BLM Means A New Multimillion-Dollar Hub For Race Hustling


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The Federalist

‘Black Lives Matter,’ the organization and slogan that trumps every argument, is now explicitly owned by Democrats.



The Black Lives Matter plot thickened this week with some particularly partisan developments after a longtime Clinton family ally and a top Russia hoaxer essentially took over the organization.

According to recent filings as reported by The Washington Examiner, Marc Elias, a Democrat lawyer known for funding the bogus Steele dossier while he was general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, looks to be representing BLM’s Global Network Foundation through his law firm. Additionally, Minyon Moore, a top Clinton ally, is now on BLM’s board of directors.


In other words, the corrupt Democrat establishment has effectively taken over a major left-wing organization committed to radical left-wing policies and race-hustling.

This might not seem like a big deal. It’s not like BLM was a neutral or centrist entity that’s suddenly going to be run by Democrats. On the contrary, the organization, which is under intense scrutiny right now for leadership corruption, shady finances, and disclosure delays, has long been upfront about its extreme aims. Its founder admitted the group’s embrace of Marxism, and its webpage used to broadcast its disdain for the traditional nuclear family.

The problem arises in the stickiness of the “Black Lives Matter” name and what it means that figures within the Democrat establishment now explicitly own that brand.

The genius and frustration of the Black Lives Matter organization has always been that by virtue of its very name, it cannot be easily battled, for it’s irrefutable that black lives do indeed matter. In dubbing itself “Black Lives Matter,” the organization grants legitimacy to its actions and those of its broader movement — including even the violent riots carried out by its followers. What’s more, it automatically retains a rhetorical edge on its opponents: Only racists would argue with “Black Lives Matter,” they shout over their critics.:snip:

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Dem Heavyweights Back BLM Bail Fund That Freed Would-Be Assassin

The bail fund that freed a Louisville, Ky., Black Lives Matter activist charged with trying to murder a Jewish mayoral candidate is backed by Democratic fundraising juggernaut ActBlue, a progressive political group affiliated with the "Squad," and a liberal nonprofit funded by George Soros.

The Louisville Community Bail Fund, an affiliate of the city's Black Lives Matter chapter, posted $100,000 bail on Wednesday to spring Quintez Brown from jail following his arrest on charges of trying to assassinate Jewish Democratic mayoral hopeful Craig Greenberg. The group's ability to quickly procure such a hefty sum comes thanks to its support from prominent Democratic organizations.


The bail fund, for example, has an active page on ActBlue, the political fundraising platform used universally by Democratic candidates across the country. Justice Democrats—a far-left PAC that supports Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.)—also actively fundraises for the bail group on the platform. Contributions sent to the Louisville Community Bail Fund through ActBlue are routed through the Tides Center, a liberal dark money behemoth that has received millions of dollars from Soros. Tides gave nearly $740,000 to the bail fund in 2020, tax filings show.

The Louisville Community Bail Fund's presence on the Democratic Party's leading fundraising platform undercuts party leaders' repeated denials of being soft on crime. The Democratic National Committee used ActBlue to rake in nearly $500 million in 2020, the same year Vice President Kamala Harris used the platform to promote a similar bail fund that freed an alleged domestic abuser weeks before he was arrested again for murder.

ActBlue, Justice Democrats, and the Tides Center did not return requests for comment.:snip:

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