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Sen. Romney: Family Security Act ‘Would Provide Help to Pregnant Moms, Get Monthly Checks to Them’


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CNS News

(CNSNews.com) -- When asked if it was a good thing that 42% of the babies born in America in 2020 were born on Medicaid, Sen. Mitt Romney (R- Utah) did not answer directly but said, “We’re proposing” the “Family Security Act,” which would provide financial support to pregnant women and parents.

At the Capitol on Wednesday, CNSNews.com asked Sen. Romney, “According to the CDC, 42% of the babies born in America in 2020 were born on Medicaid. Is that a good thing?”

The senator said, “I got a Family Security Act which we’re proposing, which would provide help to pregnant moms, get monthly checks to them, and likewise to parents of children. So, I think my plan would be pro-family and help kids be able to be raised in a home that has food and heat and cooling and healthcare and the other necessities.”:snip:

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