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Anyone who’d cancel George Washington is an enemy within


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American Thinker

There are different ways to identify an enemy within, but one is quite simple. Anybody who’d cancel George Washington should be considered a fifth-column member fit only for scorn and ostracism.

We’ve seen attacks upon Washington take many forms, with San Francisco’s 2021 decision to rename a school bearing our first president’s name a prime example. It’s a red flag because it reflects hatred of America’s very foundation, of everything she truly represents.

George Washington is unlike any other American figure. His archrival, King George III, knew this well. Responding to news that with the Revolutionary War’s conclusion Washington would relinquish power and return to his farm, the monarch exclaimed, "If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world."

But Washington did do that — twice. Though the story about him being offered the kingship of America is exaggerated, that sentiment did exist — and Washington rejected the proposal unreservedly. He also not only resigned his military commission after the war, but also resisted entreaties to seek a third term as his second one as president was concluding.


Moreover, his noble conduct during the Newburgh affair in 1783 inspired Major General David Cobb, who served as aide-de-camp to General Washington, to say in 1825 that he believed these “United States are indebted for their republican form of government solely to the firm and determined republicanism of George Washington….”:snip:

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