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Fauci Admits on Camera There Is No Exit Plan for Masks | Direct Message | Rubin Report


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The Rubin Report

Feb. 16 2022

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Dr. Fauci’s lack of a plan for mask mandates, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki requesting censorship laws, Justin Trudeau’s unearthed dictator comments, and Canada becoming a real life “V for Vendetta”. First, Dave shares a clip of Anthony Fauci being asked about the future of the plane mask mandate. Fauci’s answer reveals that there appears to be no metric to evaluate public policy and that he appears to have no exit strategy or plan for the mask mandate. Meanwhile, at the University of Reno students are having a mask mandate protest because the mask mandate is being repealed. Next, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki surprised an interviewer when she appeared to want the U.S. government to create laws that restrict speech that is harmful, but legal. Does YouTube care about the 1st amendment at all? Why would a tech company demand social media censorship be imposed on it? Things are not getting easier for Justin Trudeau. After passing the Emergencies Act to squash the freedom convoy vaccine mandate protest, old footage of him praising the dictatorship of China has gone viral online. Canada struggles to deal with the Canadian truckers as numerous tow trucks have refused to remove the trucker convoy.

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