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Sarah Palin & the Justice System Farce - Bill O'Reilly


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Sarah Palin has learned what I have known for decades: the American civil justice system is not a forum for justice at all. In fact, it's a farce.

On Tuesday, a jury found that the New York Times did not legally defame Ms. Palin when it wrote that her political action committee incited the shooting attack that left Arizona Congresswoman Gabbie Giffords gravely wounded.


Of course, Governor Palin's PAC had nothing to do with the crime as the Times admitted when it apologized for the brutally irresponsible assertion.

Nevertheless, a New York City jury rejected Palin's lawsuit unanimously, saying the newspaper did not act with malice, the threshold famous people have to prove in order to win damages in civil court.

Not act with malice? What other reason would there be to link the conservative Palin with the shooting? What motivation would a liberal newspaper have to connect an innocent person with a heinous act if not to be malicious?:snip:

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