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Republicans Hold a Massive 13 Point Lead on a Generic Ballot–Don't Underestimate Their Ability to Blow It


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In partnership with The Trafalgar Group, Convention of States Action released the results of a new national survey on numerous issues, including party preference on a generic ballot. The pollster surveyed more than 1,000 likely 2022 election voters with a political affiliation breakdown of 39.3% Democrat, 35.6% Republican, and 25.1% unaffiliated or other. On the generic ballot, Republican candidates hold nearly a 13-point lead going into 2022.

Nearly 83% of respondents who preferred a Republican candidate and 80% of those who preferred a Democrat are confident that if Republicans regain control of Congress in November, they will block or undo Biden’s agenda. “It’s clear from this data that Republicans remain far ahead in this race, and if they win, voters believe they will deliver. However, these numbers also spell danger for Republicans. GOP leadership has not laid out clearly what they would do if they are elected, and voters feel very strongly about action being taken on issues from law and order to the border to inflation and the economy,” said Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action.

Meckler continued, “If voters get wind that their priorities are not being taken seriously, and lose confidence in Republicans to deliver, these numbers could shift dramatically.” Right now, Republicans are giving mixed signals. The GOP members of the Senate Banking Committee just announced they would block President Biden’s five nominees, several of them radical, for the Federal Reserve. However, 14 Republican Senators rejected Senator Mike Lee’s amendment to the continuing resolution on the budget that would defund vaccine mandates. At best, they are batting .500 on what matters to their voters. :snip:

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"Republicans Hold a Massive 13 Point Lead on a Generic Ballot–Don't Underestimate Their Ability to Blow It"


This is sooooooo tragically true :angry:

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