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Operative From ‘Republican’ Lincoln Project Now Working for George Soros


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‘Non-partisan’ media firm funded by Dem billionaires


The Lincoln Project's national press secretary, RC Di Mezzo, is leaving the scandal plagued super PAC for a new gig as communications director for Good Information Inc., a for-profit investment firm that aims to counter media "disinformation." The firm, launched in October 2021, is backed by George Soros and other left-wing billionaires, including LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and Apple widow Laurene Powell Jobs.

Good Information Inc. is the brainchild of Tara McGowan, a veteran Democratic operative who has spent the last several years funneling millions of dollars from Democratic megadonors into a complex web of dark money groups with the goal of influencing elections while skirting federal transparency requirements. Reports announcing the group's formation noted that McGowan planned to raise $65 million for the venture in an effort "to counter the right's disinformation machine.":snip:

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