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CDC: 40.5% of U.S. Babies Born in 2020 Had Unmarried Mothers; 42.0% Born on Medicaid


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CNS News

CNSNews.com) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last week that there were 3,613,647 births registered in the United States in 2020 and that 1,464,121 of these—or 40.5 percent--were to unmarried mothers.

"The percentage of all births to unmarried women was 40.5% in 2020,"  said the CDC's "Births Final Data for 2020" report.


The CDC also reported that 42.0% percent of births in the United States in 2020 were covered by government-funded Medicaid.

Among the 50 states, according to the report's Supplemental Table I-7, Mississippi had the highest percentage of babies born to unmarried mothers (55.8 percent).

It was followed by Louisiana (54.5 percent); New Mexico (53.2 percent); Nevada (48.8 percent); Alabama (48.5 percent); Delaware (48.1 percent); Florida (47.2 percent); Arkansas (46.8 percent); West Virginia (46.8 percent); and South Carolina (46.6 percent).

Utah had the lowest percentage of babies born in 2020 to unmarried mothers (19.3 percent). Colorado had the second lowest percentage (23.2 percent), followed by Idaho (27.7 percent); Washington (31.6 percent); New Hampshire (32.1 percent); Minnesota (32.6 percent); North Dakota (32.8 percent); Massachusetts (33.0 percent); Nebraska (33.4 percent); and New Jersey and Montana (both at 33.9 percent).:snip:

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