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How do you overturn fundamental American rights without forcing people into the streets with protest signs, or even rifles? By doing it slowly... slowly... Bill Looks at how the Affordable Care Act and the National Defense Authorization Act threaten our First and Fifth Amendment rights and how both parties are slowly taking away the protections that guard us from the Ring of Power.

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He's pretty smart and I agree with the corrupting influence of power. I wish he'd also spoken about the corrupting influence of money, but that wasn't the topic of the video.


I think he goes too far when he talks about being arrested for your opinion and held forever. Forever?


Also, he forgot about the compromise Obama negotiated that doesn't require Catholic businesses to pay for contraception. Insurance companies will be doing that.


I guess the question I have is how much of this is driven by reason and reality, which means we really should be concerned--and I do believe there's an encroachment of rights going on--and how much by paranoia and unwarranted fears of authority.


And here's my other question. Why isn't he concerned about the attack on women's rights? Why is it okay to directly infringe on their legal and constitutional rights, but everything else is sacrosanct?



Here's the left.

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