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American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic

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About – Who We Are

Like you, the leadership, staff, donors and friends of American Crossroads share a deep love for all that America represents – and a deep concern about the direction we are headed in.

Our economy is now in the grip of European-style unemployment. Our national debt still spirals out of control, fueled by Washington’s expense-account mentality. Our power and standing in the world are now openly challenged. We are on the brink of leaving the next generation of Americans a far less secure, strong and prosperous country than we ourselves have enjoyed.

Instead of confronting these challenges with realistic solutions, President Obama and his allies in Congress stubbornly cling to the same destructive policies that drove us into this economic and fiscal morass: Backbreaking tax increases. Job-destroying regulatory harassment. And gross fiscal incompetence.

In 2012, America will choose between President Obama’s politics of permanent decline and a new era of strength, security and growth. Barack Obama obstinately blames everyone but himself for the 14 million Americans who can’t find work, the most anemic economy since the 1970s and the largest run-up in federal government debt in America’s entire history.

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