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Yes, James Comey, facts really do matter

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“Facts really do matter.”

— Former FBI Director James B. Comey, April 26, 2018

President Trump is a stooge of Russia, a puppet of Vladimir Putin, we have been told from the beginning. He is a morally unhinged reprobate unworthy of the White House.

You didn’t just hear this from anonymous bots in the sewer of Twitter or from unwashed hippie protesters clogging traffic in the street.

We heard this from the most powerful perches of our government. It was all sourced directly to the highest offices of our Department of Justice and American intelligence services.


These people were the pristine sources, lustily quoted by the most famous and legitimate political reporters and pundits in the country.

The “Steele dossier,” they called it. I can remember when the first details of the dossier emerged and all the gullible doofuses in Washington snapped it up and whispered it around as gospel.

First in bars, then the green rooms of television studios. And then out in the open in public.

Sure, it was salacious. I mean, hookers urinating on a bed in Moscow?

But we are talking about Donald Trump! Do you really want a guy like that in the White House?

Of course, any remotely thoughtful or skeptical human — let alone a supposed “reporter” — would have balked at the whole sordid thing. And, you pray, so would any cop.

But no. All the experts took every line of it and ran with it like it came right from Moses himself.

Now there were some of us at the time who thought the whole thing was ridiculously stupid — not to mention highly doubtful.

But not the Washington experts. Not only was it entirely gospel, it was also vitally important.

So you, the innocent American citizenry, had to hear about it on an endless loop for going on four years now.

Now we learn — from the same official corridors that took it so seriously in the first place — that the whole thing was entirely made up. Some of it was even made up in an actual bar, which is kind of hilarious if you think about it.:snip:


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