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Boltonism must not be allowed to disappear

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Melanie Phillips

Sept 13 2019

John Bolton’s departure from the Trump administration should have had the left cheering from the rafters.

Bolton has long been a bogeyman in liberal circles on account of his refusal to appease the enemies of America and the west, a disposition that the left regard as belligerent war-mongering.

When Bolton was made National Security Advisor, his liberal foes behaved as if U.S. President Donald Trump had signed up in person one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Now that Bolton’s appointment has abruptly terminated, though, there’s been no rejoicing from his ideological foes. That’s because their blind hatred of Trump means he can never do anything right. So Bolton’s ouster is merely viewed sourly as further proof of Trump’s psychological flaws.


It is still possible that Trump will hold firm against Iran. If he does not, Israel will act alone to defend itself if that becomes unavoidable; and if that happens, the United States will find itself unavoidably sucked into a terrible war.

John Bolton’s steady and clear-minded focus on preventing this from happening was a standing rebuke to the feeble-minded west that has supinely stood by as this unconscionable threat by the Iranian regime has remorselessly increased.

Bolton has now left the West Wing; but Boltonism – the strategic grasp of how to defend the west against its mortal foes – must not be allowed to disappear with him.

With Bolton’s departure, the world has not become a safer place. It has become far more dangerous.




The Good Thing About Donald Trump Is He Is A Business Man, And Wants To Make A Deal. The Bad Thing About Donald Trump Is He Is A Business Man, And Thinks He Can Make A Deal With Anyone.

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