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Bill Clinton was on CBS Late Night Tuesday saying he believes in the Me, Too movement. He himself was accused of sexual assault, groping, exposing himself, workplace sex misconduct and adultery by five different women. If anything, Bill Clinton is the founder of the You, Too? movement.


FBI's former deputy director Andrew McCabe asked the Senate for immunity in exchange for his testimony in the Hillary e-mail scandal. Her computer crashed and lost thousands of e-mails that could be evidence. It crashed after she threw it out of her campaign plane at thirty thousand feet.


The Miss America Pageant announced Tuesday they will drop the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. They say they'll no longer judge contestants on their looks. In a related story, the Indianapolis 500 announced they will replace race cars with Ford Pintos that observe the speed limit.


Howard Schultz quit as CEO of Starbucks Tuesday to possibly run for president as he warned Democrats to stop acting like socialists. Schultz may be the one Democrat who could give Trump a tough race. Never underestimate a man who got away with charging twelve dollars for a cup of coffee.


President Trump accommodated the intervention of Kim Kardashian for a black woman who's been in prison twenty years for a first-time drug offense. She was the third person of color Trump has pardoned or commuted in three weeks. Who knew Orange is the New Black Way Out of the Joint.


West Hollywood will host a million LGBT advocates marching in the Gay Pride Parade today along Santa Monica Boulevard. The march is a Blue State ritual in big cities. The Red States generally support the LGBT community, as long as LGBT stands for Liberty, Guns, Beer and Trump.


President Trump heads for Singapore Monday to prepare for his peace summit with Kim Jung Un. This past week, Bill Clinton said he regrets missing the chance to end North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile program when he was president. It looks like this time HE's the one who blew it.


Bill Clinton painted himself as a hero in the Monica Lewinsky scandal in interviews allowing him to clear the air about his sex misconduct in the Oval Office. What a moment. In a stunning display of solidarity with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby and Matt Lauer, Bill Clinton said Me, Too.


Bill Clinton reworded his national apology on CBS Late Night with Steven Colbert saying he's a member of the Me, Too movement. Well, he said it in his own way. Bill listed Harvey Weinstein, Louie CK, Matt Lauer, Tavis Smiley, Al Franken, Morgan Freeman, Charlie Rose, and said Me, Too.


Kim Jung Un walked across a room and shook hands with President Trump in Singapore to begin peace summit talks Monday night. The historic handshake was televised live. The world witnessed a diplomatic moment, nobody thought we'd ever see, CNN saying nice things about Trump.


President Trump traveled to Singapore aboard Air Force One Monday to prepare for his peace summit talks with Kim Jung Un. While en route to Singapore as well as en route home Trump flew safely over Vietnam without being shot down. He loves to show up John McCain at every opportunity.


Singapore locals crowded the streets in celebration of the summit going on in the city's island enclave. Many revelers dressed up as Trump and as Kim. You could tell Kim Jung Un was serious about reunification. He arrived at the summit wearing a cap that reads Make Korea a Country Again.


President Trump was ripped in the media for confronting Canada's Justin Trudeau on tariffs at the Group of Seven summit Saturday. It's not the only divisive issue. Americans are getting sick and tired of seeing Canadians coming down to this country and taking jobs away from our Mexicans.


The Weather Channel reported that Hurricane Bud was approaching the west coast of Mexico on Monday, bringing with it Category Four winds and flood-producing rainfall to the peninsula of Baja California. Fortunately the Mexican people are not threatened. They're all in the United States.


President Trump hailed the agreement he signed with Kim Jung Un in Singapore on Tuesday as a vital first step on the path leading to a much safer world. Their new relationship is already paying dividends. North Korea just offered to host peace talks between the United States and Canada.


-- Argus Hamilton


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un brought his own toilet to the summit in Singapore. When he saw the toilet, President Trump said, "Oh, so you're planning to tweet too?"


When asked about the #MeToo movement, Bill Clinton said the "norms have changed" for what "you can do to somebody against their will." When asked why he said that, Clinton said, "I like to say things that will haunt me the rest of my life."


-- Conan


According to a report released by the Justice Department's internal watchdog, former FBI director James Comey used a personal Gmail account on numerous occasions to conduct FBI business. And when she heard that, Hillary Clinton punched a wall so hard the building collapsed.


-- Seth Meyers




(Thank you, Reagan_Fanatic)

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8 minutes ago, Reiuxcat said:

Thanks for the toons Pookie. :-)

You're welcome, Rcat!

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2 minutes ago, mass55th said:

Thanks for the Toons Pookie!! Have a great week!!

My pleasure & the same to you, mass55th!

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