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Belgium’s King Phillippe signs child euthanasia bill into law

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belgiums-king-phillippe-signs-child-euthanasia-bill-into-lawLive Action News:

Cassy Fiano



Yesterday, the Belgian king signed into law a controversial bill allowing for the euthanasia of children. While it seemed unlikely that King Phillippe would do anything but sign the bill, there was worldwide controversy surrounding the law, including harsh condemnation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which rightfully said that this law makes children expendable. None of the controversy and outrage from around the world mattered, though. Children can now legally be killed in Belgium, no matter their age.




The fact that the law “requires” the consent of parents, doctors, and psychiatrists is good enough for defenders of the euthanization of children, and of euthanasia in general. To them, if the law says that such things are required before a person is euthanized, then surely, that’s what will happen.


Those people are living in a fantasy.



Belgium decided to advance this bill because doctors were already euthanizing children, even though it was against the law. And while Belgium’s euthanasia laws require for the person requesting it to be either terminally ill or in unbearable pain, that’s not even remotely close to what happens. In Belgium, people are euthanized for blindness, for anorexia, even those who admit that they’re suffering from depression. The twins euthanized because they were going blind, for example, were not terminally ill, nor were they suffering any physical pain. Yet they were miraculously able to be euthanized somehow. Is this something to celebrate?



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