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Bureau of Labor Statistics Literally Just Made Up January Jobs Report


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Gateway Pundit

The January jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has no basis in reality. The bureaucrats simply made up numbers to make it look like the economy added jobs.



The economy actually lost about 300,000 jobs in January. ADP and the BLS’s own report admit that. But a 300,000-job loss would hurt Joe Biden. So, the crooked accountants at BLS made up numbers and handed a headline to the ignorant press.

Here’s where the BLS comes out and tells us they simply made up numbers to arrive at the headline the White House communications staff wrote for them:

The adjustments increased the estimated size of the civilian noninstitutional population in December by 973,000, the civilian labor force by 1,530,000, employment by 1,471,000, and unemployment by 59,000. The number of persons not in the labor force decreased by 557,000.:snip:

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