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Is this the man who axed Jeff Zucker? Billionaire Trump donor who is the largest shareholder at Discovery and wanted to restore left-wing CNN to impartial journalism insisted on Zucker's departure after affair was exposed


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Daily Mail
  • John Malone is chairman of Liberty Media, Discovery's largest shareholder
  • He previously donated $250,000 to Trump's inauguration, and told of wanting to restore CNN to impartial journalism after years of left-wing bias   
  • After CNN chief Jeff Zucker's relationship with colleague Allison Gollust was revealed, Malone reportedly made it clear policies must be followed 
  • CNN will be folded into Discovery as part of a $43billion deal 
  • Zucker was due to stay on in some capacity and even take a bigger role at Discovery, but now has been cast out 
  • AT&T boss John Stankey was told of the affair from WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar - with whom Zucker has always had a frosty relationship 
  • CNN is now investigating if Zucker had an inappropriate relationship with Andrew Cuomo, former Governor of New York 
  • A source tells Rolling Stone that Gollust and Zucker were also advising Cuomo at the start of the pandemic - like Chris was fired for doing  :snip:
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