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Is Biden Complying With Court Order to Bring Back ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy? Not So Much


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Heritage Foundation

President Joe Biden is committing the biggest scofflaw since the Chicago cops partnered with Al Capone during Prohibition.

Paying lip service to a judicial order to reinstitute the “Remain in Mexico” program to help to stem the flood of illegal migration, while thousands of illegal aliens enter the country every day, the Biden plan for implementing the Migrant Protection Protocols will, at best, send people in the single digits back across the border into Mexico. It is a complete sham.

Yet again, Biden’s words are not to be believed. The administration’s actions reveal what is really happening. With respect to Migrant Protection Protocols, Biden and company are thumbing their nose at the judge, at the law, and at all Americans.

Believe it or not, Congress first enacted the protocols—commonly called the “Remain in Mexico” policy—in 1996 legislation. Former President Donald Trump, however, was the first president to take the initiative serious. That was because he inherited a serious problem created by the Flores Settlement Agreement, a judicial decree that arbitrarily limited the detention of immigrant unaccompanied minors and families who illegally entered our borders.


Rather than attempt to close the loophole created by the decree, the Obama administration simply rolled over, implementing the practice of “catch and release,” allowing illegal aliens into the country, knowing they would never comply with a lawful order of removal following the completion of their immigration adjudication.

Trump recognized that “catch and release” was eroding the integrity of our nation’s immigration system, hampered effective border security, and created a magnet that incentivized more illegal migration. Migrant Protection Protocols was established to shut down this loophole by sending illegal border crossers back to Mexico while they proceed with their request for asylum and entry into the U.S.:snip:

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On reading this, it should be obvious to everyone that  Mark Morgan & James Carafano are racists who hate BIPOC LBGTQLRAXYZ people.

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