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This is Not America


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We remember the turbulent ‘60s and how our parents, having grown up in more stable times, could not help but worry that the country was headed toward a disastrous end. But America survived, and eventually became stronger and wiser. At least for a while. Today we see a nation sliding away from the ideals and convictions that set us apart.

The U.S. is not perfect. We acknowledge that right now. It’s made up of humans, all of whom are imperfect. We were before the pandemic, and we will be after it’s over. But rather than reveal the best in us, the coronavirus outbreak has brought out the worst in many. Consider a few events that we’ve learned about only in recent weeks:

  • A New Jersey gym owner was sentenced to a year for the “crime” of keeping his doors open when the petty tyrants of his state told him to close. He’ll be on probation for 12 months rather than serve jail or prison time. It’s nevertheless alarming that the government became involved in the private affairs of an ostensibly free people. If officials can shut down businesses, and rob people of their livelihoods, which they did all over the country, then they can do whatever they wish to whoever they wish whenever they feel like it. Why aren’t more Americans bothered by this?
  • At Yale University, “ an anonymous reporting system” has turned the school into a “COVID ‘Surveillance State.’” A student who apparently didn’t share the neuroticism of others, refused to live in the “masked paranoid world,” as Bill Maher has called it, sat alone in a school library at least 150 feet from others one evening last fall. At some point, the Free Beacon reports, “another student walked into the library and demanded he mask up.” Because he didn’t have one, the student volunteered to leave. The other student then “pulled out her phone and began filming him.” When he asked her for her name, she “raised her middle finger and stormed off.” And he was the one who landed in trouble, receiving a notice from the administration, informing him “that he had been reported for violating the school’s ‘Community Compact.’” The administration also threatened him.
  • A couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles, a school called police on unvaccinated teens, even though they had tested negative for COVID-19, Reason reports. The school “ cordoned the teens off, denying them chairs and bathroom breaks.” The were treated like animals. Watch the video.:snip:
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Nevertheless, we are optimistic. The hour is dark, but we believe there will again be light. Too many of us still remember a better time before wokeness, the cancel culture, modern-day book burning (deplatforming), lockdown tyrants, mask tyrants, hateful Karens, millions gone mad because of Donald Trump, and a hopelessly corrupt press. No, not perfect, but a far better environment than the toxicity we’re living in today.

I am always reminded of this


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Something else. Our friends on The Left Always go that one step Too Far.  When ever they get a little power they act as if they won a 1964 or 1984 Landslide.

Even today many Democrats are understanding This Ain't Workin Out, like they thought.

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