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Ivermectin: It seems that the ‘horse de-wormer’ is an effective COVID treatment


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American Thinker

I don’t think it can be said often enough that the leftist establishment’s dismissal of all early treatments for COVID in favor of vaccines, followed by hospitalization when people are in extremis, will go down as the greatest slaughter of Americans since the Civil War. Whether driven by politics, profit, or the power that vaccine mandates have given them, the entire leftist establishment dismissed Ivermectin as a “horse de-wormer” making it almost impossible for doctors to prescribe it. Yet a Japanese study shows that, in fact, Ivermectin is both “safe” and “effective.”

Because COVID appeared in America during an election year, Democrats and other leftists could not allow Trump to deal with it successfully. That meant that they had to slap down any possible treatments and keep the focus on ruinous lockdowns, ineffectual masks, and chimerical vaccines. Any early treatments were dismissed as poisonous. Instead, we were told that there was nothing to be done about COVID until we were near death, at which point going to the hospital might save us—especially if we got incredibly expensive, toxic, minimally effective Remdesivir.

When Trump mentioned the possible efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), an old, stable, safe malaria medicine, it was instantly shouted down as a deadly fish treatment. That came as a surprise to me because, several years ago, when I was going to Cambodia, Kaiser’s travel nurse automatically prescribed HCQ as a prophylactic to prevent my getting malaria. Although I’m the person who always gets the side effects, I had no problems with HCQ (plus, I didn’t malaria).

Then, when word began to emerge from Africa, Latin America, and India that Ivermectin, a truly magical anti-parasitical that has changed life across the third world for the better, the establishment instantly tagged it as a “horse de-wormer.” And once again, Americans were denied a safe, effective early treatment for COVID.:snip:

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