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Well, I Never…!


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Tarzana Joe

I’ve never been a lawyer

So I shouldn’t be opining

On the future implications

Of some Justices resigning


And I’ve never been a soldier

Or been sent to far dominions

So on military matters

Well, I shouldn’t have opinions


I’ve never been a doctor

Practiced medicine by stealth

So perhaps I should keep silent

On matters touching health


I passed my economics class

(The prof was quite forgiving)

So who am I to talk about

The painful cost of living


I’ve never sought asylum

Or proposed an insurrection

Never crossed a border with

An order of protection


I’ve never made an edict

Or composed a regulation

I haven’t worked for decades

On a piece of legislation


I’ve never told a secret

Or been privy to a leak

Certainly, you’re right to ask

What right have I to speak?


Cause that’s what folks are writing

Anytime I take up Tweeting

The things they have to tell me

I shouldn’t be repeating


They say that we the people

Have some rights that need amending

Proponents of debating

Aren’t popular or trending


Let’s leave it to the experts

And some candidate that’s running

You really must admit

Their successes have been stunning

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