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Top Democrat Strategist Rips His Party: They ‘Keep Doing This Stupid S***,’ ‘Too Damn Emotional’


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The Daily Wire

Ryan Saavedra

Jan 28, 2022 

James Carville, a top Democrat strategist, slammed his own party during an interview with Vox this week for doing “stupid s***” and imploring his party to do “whatever it takes to get more political power.”

Carville warned that his party needed to take Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) more seriously because “Manchin is closer to the mainstream than a lot of these people think, and pretending like he isn’t won’t help the cause.”

“[South Carolina Democrat] Jaime Harrison raised over $100 million only to lose his Senate race to Lindsey Graham by 10 points,” he said. “Amy McGrath runs for Senate in Kentucky and raises over $90 million only to get crushed by Mitch McConnell. They were always going to lose those races, but Democrats keep doing this stupid s***. They’re too damn emotional. Democrats obsess over high-profile races they can’t win because that’s where all the attention is. We’re addicted to hopeless causes.”

“B****ing about a Democratic senator in West Virginia is missing the damn plot,” he added.


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