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University Of Pittsburgh Report Tries To Explain Away Barbaric Experiments With Aborted Babies


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The Federalist


Investigators limited the scope of their assessment, allowing some of the most damning allegations related to fetal tissue research to go unaddressed.


After news broke last spring that the University of Pittsburgh is using aborted babies for taxpayer-funded medical research, often in barbaric experiments, Pitt asked an independent firm to conduct an investigation into their researchers’ compliance with state and federal laws. The findings of that investigation were released last week, but the report arguably raises more questions than it answers.

Hyman, Phelps and McNamara (HPM), the D.C.-based law firm hired to conduct the “regulatory assessment,” said they found Pitt’s academic research with human fetal tissue to be “fully compliant with applicable laws.” But a close reading of the 40-page report shows that HPM intentionally limited the scope of their investigation, allowing investigators to turn a blind eye to some of the most damning allegations related to fetal tissue research.:snip:

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