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Naomi’s Prayer - Feminist author Naomi Wolf confronts the “forces of darkness” now battling for “the human soul.”


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Front Page Magazine

“It is time to start talking about spiritual combat again, I personally believe. Because I think that that is what we are in, and the forces of darkness are so big that we need help.”

That may sound like someone from EWTN or TBN but it’s Naomi Wolf, author of The Beauty Myth, Misconceptions, and Vagina. Wolf once called UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, “a woman without a uterus,” though Wolf had no children at the time and Kirkpatrick had three. So Wolf’s brand of feminism is not exactly friendly to distinguished women of conservative inclinations. Recent events have brought about a radical change.

On January 9, Wolf authored, “Is it Time for Intellectuals to Talk about God?” a 3,868-word essay subtitled, “It’s a New Dark Age. Evil abounds. Is a postmodern embarrassment about discussing spiritual matters, keeping us stupid and putting us in danger?” The object of this spiritual battle is nothing short of the human soul, and one side is “targeting the human body that houses it.” Since the dawn of the pandemic, Wolf finds, the feminist rallying cry of “our bodies, our choice” has been abandoned.

“The rest of the world, at least on the progressive side in the United States, became increasingly cult-like and insular in its thinking, since March of 2020.” At that time,  “lifelong critical thinkers, journalists, editors, researchers, doctors, philanthropists, teachers, psychologists — all began to repeat only talking points from MSNBC and CNN, and soon overtly refused to look at any sources –even peer-reviewed sources in medical journals – even CDC data – that contradicted those talking points.” (italics original)

Wolf is talking about “my people, my tribe,” all those “feminist health advocates” who were “silent in view of HHS warnings that the spike protein from MRNA vaccines may accumulate in the ovaries.” These “luminaries of feminist health activism,” failed to speak out and “two or three of us who did were very visibly smeared, in some cases threatened, and in many ways silenced.”:snip:

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