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DOJ doled out millions to charities linked to Soros district attorneys


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Washington Examiner

The Department of Justice awarded millions in taxpayer-funded grants in 2021 to crime reduction nonprofit groups tied to financier George Soros and liberal district attorneys whose policies critics say have led to a spike in urban violent crime.

The Los Angeles-based Urban Peace Institute, a group credited with laying the groundwork for District Attorney George Gascon's soft-on-crime reforms, was one of the groups that received a $1 million grant from the DOJ's Bureau of Justice Assistance in 2021. The UPI signed a public letter shortly after Gascon assumed office in December 2020 hailing the liberal DA for enacting "sweeping reforms" such as drastically scaling back cash bail, not prosecuting low-level crime, and eliminating sentencing enhancements for violent offenders.



UPI said it would use its Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program grant to train six "violence intervention workers" who would "effectively interrupt the transmission of violence" in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.:snip:

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