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LGBTQ activists are vigorously attacking Christianity


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American Thinker

Leftism truly hates the Bible. Their creed is inconsistent with the Bible’s commitment to the worth of the individual, its focus on justice, and its insistence on moral standards. In the old days, leftists imprisoned clerics and destroyed houses of worship. Now, though, they have a new technique for Christianity, which they still view as their greatest enemy: They are trying to silence the Bible through LGBTQ-based hate-speech charges and they are insisting that Jesus was transgender and that the church must embrace the LGBTQ spectrum. Both these things have really taken off in Europe and Canada.

The first line of attack against the Bible is that it’s hate speech. Most Christians aren’t going aren’t calling for witches to be burned but devout Christians are wont to say that homosexual behavior is sinful in the Bible and that transgenderism runs counter to the belief that God created man and woman, not “it” or 122 variants of “it.” (Those who claim it-ness are making gods of themselves, a very dangerous thing to do.)

In England, street corner preachers have often been arrested for saying homosexuality is sinful. (The most recent example is described here.) However, the two biggest recent attacks on Christianity have taken place in Canada and Finland.:snip:

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