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Tale of Two Senators--AZ's Kelly Opts for Early Retirement


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NY Sun

Despite being characterized as a “purple” state, Arizona has two blue — meaning, Democratic — senators, Krysten Sinema and Mark Kelly. Yet other than common party affiliation, the difference between them could not be more striking.


Take the argument over killing the filibuster in order to pass the misnamed Voting Rights Bill (the one which would forever bury Jefferson Davis). Ms. Sinema has bravely come forth and given a speech on the Senate floor explaining why this was a bad — in fact Un-American — idea.

She was brilliantly articulate in explaining the role of the filibuster in maintaining some semblance of policy stability in the face of partisan swings. It wasn’t a partisan speech; it was an American history lesson from an unusually thoughtful senator.

Most importantly, it represents Senator Sinema’s constituency, which is overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of eliminating voter ID, a key feature of the voting rights bill. She has stood athwart the scheme with firmness and dignity in keeping with the august nature of the Senate itself.

And Senator Kelly? Nowhere to be found. Whatever happened to the brave, patriotic American who risked his life in the service of the American space program? Where is he when his constituents need him to step up and show a little of the courage and leadership that once informed his life?:snip:

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