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Biden’s New Domestic Terrorism Unit Bad for Freedom-Loving Americans


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Heritage Foundation

The Justice Department last week announced creation of a domestic terrorism unit to focus on a purported significant threat facing America. Also last week, President Joe Biden accused those who disagree with a federal takeover of state elections of being racists, and he directed Big Tech to censor more COVID-19 “misinformation.”

Taken together, these moves suggest that Biden is willing to use the tools at his disposal, from the bully pulpit to his ideological alliance with Big Tech, and even federal law enforcement, to silence or punish political opponents.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week titled “The Domestic Terrorism Threat One Year After Jan. 6,” Assistant Attorney General Matt Olsen, who oversees the Justice Department’s National Security Division, announced that he created the domestic terrorism unit in response to the elevated threat of violent domestic extremism.

Olsen said he is focused on the threat of Americans “motivated by racial or ethnic animus” and those who “hold anti-government or anti-authority views,” as if challenging the government or those in positions of authority was somehow a dangerous thing in and of itself.  In contrast, the assistant attorney general barely gave lip service to foreign terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda.


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