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The system is set up for hospitals to profit from COVID


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This is as old a story as humanity. Losing the strong moral code that should underlie our lives opens the door to saying, “Well, that’s a gray area, and I won’t think too much about it, and anyway, everyone’s doing it this way.” This was forcibly borne upon me because a good friend sent me an article that illuminates in a precise and fact-driven way what is going on and allows us to see exactly how evil aspects of our modern medical system have become. I’ll summarize the article here, but I urge you to read it yourself.

If you’re unlucky enough to need a hospital procedure, step one is a free COVID test. Of course, the government pays the hospital a fee for this “free” test. If the test is positive, the hospital gets another fee. No matter that the patient was in for appendicitis. The COVID rewards continue with more money for admission; 20% more on the entire bill if they give you Remdesivir rather than ivermectin; and a big booster payment for ventilation. The list, of course, goes on.:snip:

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My neighbor is the DIL of the local funeral director. She told me that FH get thousands of dollars from the government for each Covid fatality that they bury!

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