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Avoiding antitrust scrutiny, Microsoft is taking over large segments of the gaming market


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Microsoft's acquisitions are going to have major impacts on the gaming market.

Dan Frieth

Jan. 18 2022

Microsoft was the first Big Tech giant to receive antitrust scrutiny in the early 2000s and so, in recent times, it seems to have avoided all of the attention that the likes of Apple, Google, and Facebook are getting.

But Microsoft has been gobbling up large companies within the video games industry, to an extent that should be starting to raise eyebrows.

Microsoft announced plans to acquire giant gaming publisher Activision Blizzard in a whopping $68.7 billion deal. After the deal is finalized, some of the world’s biggest gaming franchises like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Diablo, Overwatch and many more will be owned by the Xbox maker.


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