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Four Ways the Liberal Media Orchestrated Democrats’ Election Law Debacle


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Embattled President Joe Biden took the stage Tuesday in Georgia in a desperate attempt to salvage Democrats’ latest effort to overhaul the American elections system. But even as Biden urged the Senate to abolish the filibuster – something Biden himself had vocally opposed as a Senator – in order to ram through the so-called “Freedom to Vote Act,” Democrats’ chances of passing the bill appeared to only grow more remote. Not only did numerous high-profile “voting rights” advocates publicly boycott the speech, underscoring the internal divisions rocking the party, but more Democrat senators indicated that they would oppose a vote to end the legislative filibuster or pass a “carve-out” for the voting bill in the Senate, making passage of the bill even more unlikely. Now, facing down the barrel of another embarrassing defeat after the Build Back Better Act flop to end 2021, Democrats are likely wondering where it all went wrong. But just like the Obamacare disaster a decade ago, they may have their old friends in the mainstream media to blame. 

For Democrat members of Congress, and particularly those facing tough reelection battles this year, following the far-left direction of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden was never a winning proposition. 

But as reported here last week, the media may be the primary culprit responsible for Democrats’ election law radicalism. Here are the four stories the media didn’t just miss but deliberately refused to report – four ways that, in trying to protect the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi forces from reality, the media led Democrats to make key missteps that precipitated this latest disaster for the party.  

1) While Demonizing Election Integrity Laws and Voter ID as “Voter Suppression,” The Media Also Refused to Report Critical Polling Data Showing Wide Public Support For Such Measures:snip:

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