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Quebec turns into a police state as riot police wait to fine curfew protesters


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Rebel News

Alexandra Lavoie

January 07, 2022

Around 9:30 PM at Honoré-Beaugrand station in Montreal, a group of protesters posted their protesting of the provincewide curfew, which was reinstated on December 31. Several dozens of police officers from several districts were present on site.

More than fifty protesters were present with music and megaphones to make as much noise as possible. Just before the fateful hour of illegality, the protesters began marching through the neighborhood's streets. They were surrounded by the police, and at every corner, there were dozens of police officers waiting.

Toward the end of the march, the riot squad was waiting for them. They were present by the dozens and were just waiting for the right moment to grab the protesters in order to issue them a $1,558 fine each. What's unbelievable is that there were at least five police officers per protester!




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