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Global research on Omicron COVID surge raises more questions about Biden's unvaccinated blame game


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A new Canadian study found two-dose mRNA vaccines are "not protective against" the latest variant, while data from Denmark show reinfections among two-dose vaccine recipients have surpassed those of the unvaccinated.

President Biden's oft-repeated belief that COVID-19 remains a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" is running headlong into global data on the real-world performance of vaccines against the Omicron variant, which the CDC estimates now accounts for 19 in 20 U.S. infections.


A new study by Ontario, Canada's public health agency and health researchers at Canadian universities found that two-dose mRNA vaccines are "not protective against" the new variant, while the booster shot only improves effectiveness to 37% seven or more days later.

That's in stark contrast to the 93% effectiveness against the Delta variant they observed among vaccinated and boosted individuals seven or more days later. Researchers reviewed provincial data on 3,442 Omicron positives, 9,201 Delta positives and 471,545 "test-negative controls."

There were important differences between the populations testing positive for each variant. Omicron cases were 10 years younger on average, more likely to be male and two-dose vaccinated, and less likely to have "any comorbidities" or a booster, relative to controls. Delta cases were far less likely to be vaccinated at all, relative to controls.

Digging further into the preprint, which hasn't been peer-reviewed, California-based epidemiologist Tracy Hoeg was floored that two-dose vaccination actually reduced protection from reinfection by Omicron 38% four to six months after injection, and 42% by eight months.:snip:

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