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A Day in the Life of a Traumatized Journalist


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The Washington Free Beacon

Exclusive excerpts from a soldier on the front lines of the war against democracy

Andrew Stiles

January 4, 2022

America's journalists are suffering, folks. Covering the Trump presidency and the COVID-19 pandemic was the physical, intellectual, and moral equivalent of serving on the front lines in World War II. Alas, because our nation's journalists are notoriously reluctant to draw attention to themselves, their trauma remains largely hidden from public view.

Until now.

The Washington Free Beacon has exclusively obtained the following excerpt from a diary entry written by a traumatized journalist. It documents a day in the life of an American journalist struggling to keep it together during what is surely one of the most traumatic periods in human history. Enjoy!

7:05 AM — Wake up. Remove N95 mask. Swab nose for rapid Covid test and set aside. Put N95 mask back on and assess inventory of remaining Covid tests. Supply is in good shape thanks to your editor, whose husband used to work for Antony Blinken's consulting firm.

7:10 AM — Place Gore-Tex sheath over N95 mask and take a shower. Weep silently for everything you and your fellow journalists have sacrificed during the pandemic. Think of story ideas to pitch to your editor.

7:25 AM — Check test results. Negative! Make some coffee and text friends (and family members you haven't disowned for supporting Trump or getting Covid) to let them know you're safe.



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